Friday, September 3, 2010

Do like the Animals

I found this in one of the books I inherited. I copied them out of the book and laminated them. But all you would need to do have a picture of them you found off the internet, or write down the names, or even just tell the children that this is what we are going to do.

  • hop like a Kangaroo
  • sway like an elephant
  • wiggle like a puppy
  • clap like a seal
  • rattle like a snake
  • peck like a woodpecker
  • march like an ant
  • flap your arms like a butterfly
  • scratch like a monkey
You could think of your own
  • chomp like an alligator
  • walk like a bear
  • bounce like a bunny
  • gallop like a horse
  • smile like a hyena 
Since we are doing the Songs for a Race preparing. We've been spending all our time in JR primary only singing each song once through. They didn't get to play any of the games I had planed. When we went fishing they were only able to catch one fish (and we did that two weeks in a row).  So I've decided I need to make singing through our songs the game for them. 
This activity, I'd have a child draw one of the cards before we'd start the song, and I'd then give them CLEAR instructions of what that means and how to play. The final stipulation was that if they couldn't do the action correctly as instructed their teacher could "bop" them on the head to sit down and they were no longer invited to join in the action. This was enough that not one child has to be "bopped"
JR primary LOVES activities like this. SR primary enjoys them, but I have found they get much too rowdy while doing them, I avoid doing it with them now.
This activity does not actually encourage them to sing louder or more. But they will be paying attention more and watching you, and often those who are normally don't sing because they are miss behaving will sing for this activity. 

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