Monday, September 6, 2010

Otto the Octopus (Reviewing for the Program)

Last Sunday, (last Sunday of Aug) I used my puppet octopus as my visual for JR primary. It was sort of a last minute desperation. I've had the puppet for YEARS. It was a birthday gift from a friend a very long time ago, so I can't say where she purchased it. I needed something to encourage them to sing louder and keep their attention of the children. To each tentacle of the octopus I pinned a small piece of paper with one of our program songs written on it. 
When we started I introduced my friend Otto. I explained that Otto is very shy, but that he loves to hear singing. As long as there is lots of loud singing he will stay out. But if it gets too quite he is going to hide because he won't feel welcome anymore. Then Otto will pick the next child, one he say singing really well, to let them know how much he enjoyed their singing; to choose one of his tentacles for the next song.
They were so attentive and singing well I never once had to have Otto hide. They loved him. They were captivated by my octopus. Wow I never knew a simple puppet could be so entertaining. I am going to have to bring my friend Otto again sometime. 
Side note: although JR primary loved Otto, I did not try it with SR, and I also took him to nursery with me. The other nursery children who will start Sunbeams at the change of the new year, loved him, while the little ones new to nursery were scared of him.

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