Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Go Dbacks!

I'm a Dback fan. My parents and in-laws are Dback fans (cute Dback clothes thanks to my in-laws). My husband can cheer for the Dbacks, as long as they aren't playing the White Sox. 
Back at the beginning of August we went up to Phoenix to go to a Dbacks game with my parents. It was going to be our only opportunity to go this year. It was a sold out game. We rode the light rail into downtown and watched the Dbacks play the Padres. 
At the start of the bottom of the ninth it looked like we were going to go into extra innings. It was late. We still have to drive ALL THE WAY HOME that night. I didn't want to leave before the game was over. Then Chris Young hit a homer and won the game for the Dbacks. He was my hero that night.
Nice time. We really enjoyed ourselves. I love going to sports events. I'm so hyped for college football season!!!

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