Saturday, May 7, 2011

Al turned Two

Found a Thomas train at a thrift store- $1.30, used bread pans to make the carts
So we celebrated for over a week. He had three birthday parties. 
used candy for the trains to carry in the carts
The first 2nd Birthday party-- we had before we left town, we wanted to have a birthday party for him with his friends his age. I had a hard time trying to decide who we should invite. Last year we invited all our friends to his party, not that he cared he was turning one. This year I decided to invite all the children in his nursery class (there are more then 20 children in our nursery) and a few friends his age from our play group. I was a little nervous about how many would come, but it was a Thursday evening that we had it and we ended up with 8 children and a parent for each, plus my in-laws and Al's adopted Aunt and Uncle. A perfect sized group, not too big but still enough that we weren't disappointed that we picked such a horrible night to have a 2 year old bday party.
I felt so creative. I'm very proud of myself. We had decided on sub sandwiches and then macNcheese for the kids. I had looked into the cost of jumping castles and oh my that was too much for us. In thinking about it I thought that I could make a train out of large cardboard boxes. It turned out awesome and was a big hit. I had a few games ready for us to play, I was worried they'd be a little much for 2 year olds, but frankly between dinner, the awesome train, and cake we didn't need more. It was a great party.
all it is: large boxes, duck tape, and spay paint, cost about $10 in spray paint

Second  2nd Birthday party-- was small, Monday night in addition to Family Home Evening with my parents, my sister's family, and my single brothers. We sang, opened presents, and ate cake. That was all there was to it. Small, simple, and yummy. I brought up the birthday hats and everyone wore one.
Third 2nd Birthday party-- was in Iowa with my husband's extended family and actually on Al's Bday. My in-laws were also out there and upon remembering it was Al's bday they invited all the extended family over for a birthday party. We had pizza, cake, and simple presents that were all a super hit. And gave us new toys for the flight home. 
He was one spoiled kid for his 2nd birthday. By the third party he knew exactly what to do for the candle and  with those presents.  And he was as cute as can be for all of them.

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