Sunday, May 8, 2011

April/May Family Vacation

Long post for a long week and a half.
When we learned that my husband was going to deploy I urged him to make time to visit his extended family in Iowa. He had a great granny with failing health already living past the doctor's expectations, and a grandpa who has had a number of heart problems over the past year. I felt it to be something important before he went overseas for a year.
Also before we had known he was going to get this job, and even before we knew it was twins, I had decided to attend BYU's Women's Conference the last weekend of April. I felt it was something I needed in my life, and with a new baby on the way, at least a few years before I could justify leaving my children to go. 
In light of everything in the end, we decided to go to Utah together, driving up with my mom who was also going to BYU's Women's Conference, and then fly from Salt Lake to Iowa, then from Iowa back to Phoenix.  Long trip but worth it was a whole family at this time.
It was a long trip. We first drove to Phoenix and spend Easter weekend with my family. While up there we took family photos, already posted in another blog post. We also did the Easter hunt thing with my sister's children and her friend's. In addition to Easter festivities, we had a Farewell Open House for our family and friends in Phoenix to say good bye to Cory. It wasn't a large showing, after all it was Easter night and some people still have family activities on going. But it was a good time for everyone who was able to come.
Tuesday we drove to Utah. I was worried how my body would handle being in the car that long. But it was fine. Each time we stopped for gas I would get out and walk for as long as I could handle it. Al did wonderful with the whole thing too, I think it was in part because of the walking around we did.
Wed. Cory and I went to the Salt Lake Temple. It was Cory's first time going to a live session. Utah was sooooo cold!!!! So so cold!! That afternoon we went to the Family History Research Library. My mom came to help. We were looking for records for Cory's family on his father's side tracing back to Massachusetts and all his French Canadian Ancestor's who immigrated there. Just while up in Utah he has been able to find so much information on a line that we had felt we had hit a wall. There is something so sexy about a man excited about doing his family history! Wed. evening we met up with some of my mission companions at a near by Cafe Rio. I have to admit that I was looking forward to eating Cafe Rio about as much as I was looking forward to seeing those mission companions. It was so great to see those girls. I miss them. They are one of the few reasons I almost wish I lived it Utah. But then I remember how cold it is and forget about it.
Thursday- my mom, aunt, and I went down to BYU for Women's Conference. While we were at Women's Conference, Cory took Al to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. Al had a wonderful time. He loved the animals, especially the monkeys and turtles. 
Friday- While us women were at Women's Conference, the boys went to visit Temple Square. After we were done at Women's Conference we met with Cory and Al at Spaghetti Mama.
Women's Conference was wonderful.  I am so grateful for the opportunity that I was able to go. There was no class that just spoke to me as I need to go to that class because of where I am in my life. But I tried to pick my classes by the Spirit and what were close together. I believe I went to the classes I needed to. Almost all of the classes I went to were not full classes. In the only class that they had to turn people away due to space I was talking about how my other classes had been to the sister sitting next to me. She said that maybe I'm just not as "needy" as others and I'm willing to learn what I need to in any class I attend.
Saturday afternoon we flew from Salt Lake City to Chicago Midway to Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. Then drove 2 hours to Iowa where my husband's mother's side all lives. It was after midnight when we checked into our hotel. It was Al's first airplane ride. I didn't know if he was quite understanding that we were flying. He loves to point out planes in the sky, but comprehending that you're inside one of those planes is different. During the flights, both of which I was so grateful that he handled and behaved himself very well, I tried to get him repeat that we were in a plane. Nothing. He is not much of an on command performer. While we were getting our rental car, anyone who tried to talk to him, the only thing he would say was "plane, fly, plane". It was pretty cute.
Sunday- we had found online where the ward in Mason City met. Before church we met up with my in-laws and grandpa for breakfast at the restaurant next door to our hotel. I know that eating out on a Sunday isn't a sin, but it sure feels weird to me. Also it was fast Sunday and we had totally forgot that. Not that I fast right now, expecting twins and all. It was odd for me, and yet meeting family for breakfast was my idea because I was trying to think of ways we could maximize our time with family since we were only there 2 full days. Church actually reminded me a lot of my mission. Small ward, mostly older couples. The nursery only had 2 other children there that day. And it was so nice to go to Relief Society and be able to participate in an adult level lesson. Don't get me wrong. I love primary, but it felt good to talk about gospel principles on a higher level. After church the extended family had a Birthday party for Al. I met more of my mother-in-law's family then I had ever met before, and yet most seemed familiar to me because of facebook and stories I've heard over the last three years. None of them are members of the Church, but they are good people. I'm grateful I was able to meet so many of them this time.
Monday was laid back, visiting with a few more family members and spending time with Grandpa.
Tuesday we packed up, went to visit a family friend, and then headed for the airport, this time with a nonstop flight back to Phoenix. Al did well for most of this flight too. I'm grateful he handled it all so well. Actually he has handled the whole trip really well. I was surprised how my body handled the car ride better than the plane rides. All the flights were really hard on my body. The thing that was even harder on my body was walking around BYU and sitting all day in classes.
I'm so glad to be back home. It was a long hard trip. But I feel a very important trip for our family. 

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