Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review Praise to the Man (Last Minute Sub)

We had gone to Mesa to visit my family, while there I felt impressed that I was needed there a big longer. So we stayed and I found a last minute sub to take over for me. I had to think of something quick and easy. Also using the supplies I had left in the closet.
I started with the maze I made. Its an easy visual with different applications for a sub to use. Then I remembered Kathleen's activity for the big words in her blog 'the Children Sing'. I started thinking about using the words in the maze. I told the sub to print/write all the big "hard" words that we had on the blue papers. Fold them up and put them into the maze. Have the children pick what way to go through the maze, when they get to a word, review what word's meaning and how to say it. Then sing the verse with the word and have the children stand up when they get to that word in the song. This will help the children recognize where in the song the words come and give them practice singing it over and over without just singing it.
I haven't spoken to my sub yet to see how it went but I'm hoping for a positive report.

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Unknown said...

Skip Boyer is my dad--I got here by googling his name. I do that from time to time. He died five years ago. Thanks for keeping his quote up and keeping a part of his spark going.