Monday, May 16, 2011

Its official TWO GIRLS!

Thursday the 12th of May we did a 3D ultra sound with my husband there just before his leaving us on Friday. We did it through Peek of You in Chandler. It was the same place we went to see our son and learned he was a boy not a girl.
This time we learned that they are both very obviously girls. Baby A (the one on the bottom left) would show us not only what she was, but she was letting us see her sweet face.
 I am going to be the mother of two kick boxing champs. The whole ultra sound they were kicking each other in the face. Back and forth. This is a photo of Baby B (the one more on the top and right side of me) kicking Baby A in the face. Wack Wack. Some I felt but some I had no idea the battle of space going on in there.
 Here is Baby A stretching with Baby B's leg pushing against her face. Since I was almost 24 weeks they warned me that my babies have not gained much fat and would appear anemic and more fetus still than baby.
 It is very cramped in there. We are 24 weeks along. Each baby weights about a Pound and a half.
Can you tell where one baby begins and where the other starts?
This picture is easier than many of the others. It is crazy. Sometimes we know that a foot has to be the other baby's because there is no way that baby could bend that way, but there is everything everywhere. It took the tech a while to even be able to see the two sacs, I had to tell her how the doctor pointed it out to the tech who does my growth ultra sounds. They are super close together.
I am grateful that we were able to do this before my husband deployed. I'm grateful he was able to be there. Our toddler came to and he kept pointing to the TV and saying "babies" then he'd point to my tummy. I don't think he actually understands but it was sweet moments for our family. I am also grateful we were able to see both of their genders. Getting serious about any names have been really hard not knowing what they were. Not saying we have them picked out. We're still thinking- a lot!


Kathleen said...

How exciting! I imagine that it is nice to be able to plan for the stuff that you might need, knowing that they are girls. Wow, those images are amazing!

Tifany said...

WAHOOOO!!! I'm going to say that they're identical twins:) Only because I have identical twin girls, too, and they each had their own sac!