Monday, November 14, 2011

Fairy Godmother Costume

My friend Amanda, wanted a fairy godmother costume to go with her daughter's costume of Cinderella. She asked me about making one because she knows I sew. I would totally love to make it. I love making costumes. My husband and I have discussed actually advertising the fact that I do custom costumes.
How we made it?
  • 1 pattern for a Jedi hooded robe (cut on fold so that it was closed)
  • 1 large old blue king size sheet
  • 2 yards of pink fabric
My favorite part is that I used a Jedi costume pattern to make it. Cut the outside from the blue sheet and the lining from the pink. We didn't line the whole thing just the sleeves and the hood. Then we made a waist belt tie to give it more shape. Looked awesome. thanks Amanda for giving me that chance. I've missed doing sewing.

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