Monday, November 14, 2011

Train! Historic UP844 travels though SE Arizona

Thursday 10Nov2011
we went up to Benson to see Union Pacific Historic Steam Engine train 844. It pulled into the train stop and blew its whistle. It was huge and LOUD. My son hid behind me and covered his ears every time the whistle blew. At first I worried that he was scared of the train and I had now ruined trains for him from here on out but that wasn't the case, it made him love trains more as my husband put it he realized the "awesome power" that a train is. He love it. 
We only got to see the train for about 15 minutes and it was totally worth the 45 minute drive to Benson.

Friday 11Nov2011-Happy Veteran's day (THANK-YOU TO ALL TO SERVE OUR COUNTRY)

My in-laws and my family drove to Tucson to see the train again. It was on display all day in the Union Pacific train yards. We first went to Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics. Then met up with my sister's family at the train yard. This time the train wasn't on. It wasn't blowing its whistle. But instead they had stairs up to the cab so that turns could be taken in looking into the cab. You could also walk all the way around and stay as long as you like
All this for FREE. Besides the gas to get to the train this did not cost us a thing.
If you'd like to learn more about the UP844's journey from WY looping through CO,TX,NM,AZ,CA,NV,UT and back to WY check out the following website.

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