Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
We had a long Halloween time. We went to my sister's ward's Trunk or Treat/Fall Festival on Wend. night, Friday was my parent's Trunk or Treat. Saturday we went to the Balloon Festival (that was suppose to have trick or treating so my son wore his Sparky costume), then Monday we went to my mother-in-law's office party cubical to cubical trick or treating. That evening we went to Aunt and Uncle and Grandma and Granpop's and we were done.
Little Al was "Sparky" the ASU Sun Devil mascot.
 My sister's family did a Star Wars theme, with her husband as Darth Vader, she was Padame, her son was Luke Skywalker, and her daughter was Leia. 
My son was totally interested in this candy thing. This year he got that he was getting candy, but I don't think I got him to actually say "trick or treat" to someone even once. 
Love this photo. Grandpa is trying to talk Princess Leia out of her Almond Joy (he says he wanted to give it to Grandma) 
My original costume idea didn't work out the costume as designed on the pattern looked HORRIBLE on me. So I only used part of it and said I was a Woods Nymph. We had fall flowers and leaves coming out of every part of my hair. 
My girls went as "Salt and Pepper" Rose was Salt and Nellie was Pepper.
They were just too darn cute! Wish I could say I made Little Al's "Sparky" costume, I purchase it 2nd hand from someone who had made it for their 2 yr old. I made my costume. I made the girl's hats, they are just knit and I found a pattern online. But their onsies and tights I bought.
Happy Halloween

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