Monday, July 23, 2012

Grandma's Sewing Machine

I want to point out that this machine is not new. I guess its no longer new to me either. I inherited it back in 2007. In this photo its missing a piece, I haven't lost it, that piece just hasn't made it into my bedroom where its new home is.

Back story (and the whole reason I decided to blog about it):
I love to sew. I received a sewing machine, a brand new one with all the bangs and whistles for my High School Graduation present. When it broke, died, and I realized new sewing machines are pieces of junk and I now needed a new sewing machine, my Grandma told me I could have her new sewing machine when she passed away. I told her thank-you and how grateful I was but in the back of my mind I was thinking "new sewing machines are a piece of junk, I want your old sewing machine" but beggars can't be choosers.
So when the time came along that I was to receive her sewing machine I was given the above shown sewing machine. A Singer series 500A, made in the early 1960's. I told my mother there was so mistake, that Grandma had told me I was to have her "new sewing machine", I was thinking that at this point this one couldn't possibly be for me, and that someone else was to get this gem of a machine. My mom laughed a little and told me that this was her "new" machine. She called it that because it was new compared to the black Featherweight that she had been given by her mother. All those years I debated finding and buying a new-to-me sewing machine. I'd watch things like ebay and craig's list waiting for the perfect "old" machine to make mine. Worrying about getting the "new" one from my Grandma. All all that time, the perfect "old" machine I wanted was my Grandma's "new" machine.

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