Monday, July 9, 2012

July 4th celebration

Happy Independence Day.

Every year our ward has a 4th of July Pancake Breakfast.
(We bring our own sugar free syrup to use)
We were there early. My husband's calling is now with the 11 year old scouts. They had the color guard duty.

They did a great job. All in uniform and they were trying so hard.
The whole time our darling girls were passed around being held by everyone.
Our son got a snow cone (in a cup) orange-ish flavored, he was thrilled with it. Who doesn't want a snow cone (in a cup) for breakfast. 
Our girls were so cute. Nellie has the navy headband on and Rose has a red one. We didn't buy these outfits for the holiday. We were just looking for something patriotic colored for them to ware, and I remembered that we had these outfits in the 12 months clothes box (they are only wearing 9 months right now). But it wasn't too big on us.
At the end of the morning our girls needed a nap. Aren't they just the cutest.
I made my "Guilt Free chocolate chip cookies" to take to our friends for dinner. Traditionally I make homemade ice cream. I look forward to this every year. I made us register on our wedding registry an awesome ice cream maker. This year I used...
the Kitchen aid ice cream maker attachment that runs about $100 new and I found it at a yard sale for $20. When my husband learned I bought another ice cream maker he wasn't happy I spent the money, but I told him I was going to buy it eventually (I love kitchen aid attachments). I could spend $100 or the $20. I made plain vanilla this year. Normally I try to get fancy but I decided to try to stay simple this year. Although it was NOT a calorie friendly ice cream. Yummy but not calorie lite.

We went up to town, sat in our car with it drizzling around us, watching the AWESOME firework show the city puts on.

After all our children were in bed I watched clips from 1776.

This is a tradition I miss. Growing up we'd watch the fireworks, and then come home and watch our horribly ghetto-taped-off-the-TV VHS version of this movie. I love the music and the singing and dancing and the acting, oh and the funny lines. I own a DVD of it but we recently re-did our room's furniture around and I can't our DVD. So to try to keep with tradition and get my 1776 musical fix, I watched clips of the movie and play versions on youtube.

Happy Independence Day. Thank-you to all those today and in history who has made it possible for us to have ideas, dreams, and freedoms to worship, work, and relax as we each see fit. I am so grateful to live in the Country and have such blessings.

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