Friday, July 6, 2012

YW's camp Video- Awesome ONE take

The boys of Mesa Arizona Citrus Heights and surrounding stakes made an all-in-one-take music video for the girl's at young womens' camp. It was shown the last night of camp and the girls loved seeing their peers singing about how they think the girls are beautiful the way they are. The cool thing it ... they got a helicopter to film it. 

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"It was a complete surprise," said Jayme Bawden, the stake young women's president, "the girls went crazy for it! They absolutely loved seeing the boys from their schools and wards." 

"My wife is our ward's camp director and she said it was awesome! Apparently the girls at camp watched it 4 or 5 times over and over and were upset when the leaders said no more," Jono Schnepf.

The video was made to show that the girls are beautiful as they are and not when they follow the world's standards. The Video editor also hid things in the video like Waldo from the popular Where's Waldo books.

This is the second year my brothers have been involved in making a video like this for this stake's YW girls camp. Last year they did the song SMILE. It turned out so good last year the stake wanted to do another this year on a larger scale.
Check it out and show it to your daughters and YW.

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