Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Great Christmas Movie

Last year, just after Christmas, Cory and I went to see an independent film I had heard of. For any of you that don’t know, I have a think for independent films. They are often so much more meaningful. The film we say was called Noëlle. It is about a Catholic priest who is sent to a small New England town to make the final choice if the perish needs to be closed. He finds that the town needs the perish because they need their souls healed. He also finds that his own soul is in need of healing. I left with such a good feeling, I think I may have even cried. Cory, having been raised Catholic, said there was much more very Catholic undercurrents in the story line than me the little Mormon girl caught on to. But I don’t feel that changed that fact that this is a movie of good report, full of what the “Spirit of Christmas” is.If you have the opportunity to watch I highly encourage you to. It is such a great movie. I don’t know where it is available. I have found it on Amazon.com, but that is the only place. I love Christmas movies. Too bad there are so many out there that aren’t worth anything. This one is worth it all.

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Holly Janeen said...

never heard of it... thanks for the recommendation :)