Thursday, December 18, 2008

Twelve Days of Christmas

We are doing a Secret Santa exchange in our ward. Cory had the idea that we do a literal 12 days of Christmas. Not the numbers but something to do with the song. I thought it was a fun idea, however I was skeptical on whether we could find something for each day. I went to a few stores, not that I have a lot of choices to shop at here in Sierra Vista, but I was feeling really down on the idea when I went to Target. I found these ballerina shoes Christmas ornament and then a swan ornament and I knew I could figure this out.

1st day : A partridge in a pear tree

a bowl or basket of pears

2nd day: Two turtle doves

a dove ornament

3rd day: Two turtle doves

a roasted chicken from the grocery store

4th day: Four calling birds

a set of cards that had 4 birds in the picture

5th day: Five golden rings

the stacking toy with 5 rubber rings to stack (for babies, everyone had one growing up)

another idea would be onion rings

6th day: Six geese a-laying

Silly Putty eggs

7th day: Seven swans a-swimming

a swan ornament

8th day: Eight maids a-milking

a card game called ‘Déjà MOOO’

9th day: Nine ladies dancing

a pair of ballerina shoe ornament

10th day: Ten lords a-leaping

a frog that is a crown on

11th day: Eleven pipers piping

a child’s recorder instrument

12th day: Twelve drummers drumming

a drumming Nutcracker Doll

So we’ve been really excited about doing it. Right now we’re only on day 6, and I really hope they don’t read my blog.

Merry Christmas

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