Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How We decorated for Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone. I have wanted to do a blog about our tree and my tree skirt, but I hadn’t got around to it. Then I realized tomorrow is Christmas and I still haven’t done it.
So I love our tree. I feel we were blessed to get it. We got it on black Friday at Home Depot. We had not gone to Home Depot with the intention of getting the tree as our first priority. But since we were going to be there, I wanted to look at the tree and see if I thought it was expectable. After all if I am going to spend the money on a fake tree I want it to be a good looking fake tree. When we got to Home Depot they weren’t quite open yet. We waited about 10 minutes for them to open. Everyone waiting outside was orderly and polite to everyone else. Once inside the trees were near the entrance, and they were going like hotcakes. I had my husband grab one, while I looked at the display trees to decide if it was good enough. It looked good enough so we took it. Although it hardly fit into our car, it’s quite a feat that we figured out how to get it home. It’s a 7.5’ tree, pre-lighted. We also picked up a black Friday special at Joann with an assortment of 70 ornaments. Cory calls them filler ornaments, they do fill the tree considering that we have about 10 ornaments on the entire tree that aren’t filler ornaments. It looks beautiful. One set of ornaments we found and were really happy to find were glass balls with Nativity themed paintings on them. There is the manger scene, the town of Bethlehem, and one of the wise men traveling towards the star.
I had looked for a tree rug when were up in Phoenix and everywhere else, but I couldn’t find one I liked. They were all too korny looking, plain ugly, too expensive, or too plushy. We have a cat. She loves to sit on plushy materials. I have a couple blankets folded, sitting around the house just for her to sit on. She has a preference for those spots with the plushy feel. So if I got a plushy skirt for the tree, it would become our cat’s favorite spot to sit. Since I couldn’t have that I had to find one that would be less tempting then her plushy blankets. So I decided to make one. After all I sew and it is just a circle. So I bought some Christmas tablecloth material and baby blanket binding. How I did it: I cut the material in a square. The material was 60 wide, I purchased 2 ¼ yard, but I think I only needed 1 ¾ yards. Make it a square and then fold it into the centered triangle like you would to make a snowflake. Then make it round at each end. I backed it with some red polar fleece that I had in storage (again made it into a square and then rounded the end). I then used the green baby blanket binding to finish it off. I used gold thread and scalloped the edge to make it fancier. Although the cat has sat on, it has defiantly not been her favorite spot, instead it is just a place to hide for a minute before attacking our legs. I am really happy with how it turned out.
Last of all I wanted to talk about our Nativity sets. The oldest I bought when I was a student. I wanted a Nativity set, but decided that if I was going to invest the money in one I was going to purchase one that children couldn’t destroy. I found this plush dolls set, good for children. The second oldest I purchased my first Christmas out of college. It was cute and cheep. It’s not very big, each piece is about 2 inches tall. The last set is new this year. We were out shopping on black Friday and found it. It was affordable for us and I like how big they are. Each piece is about 6 or so inches tall. It is just a beautiful set. They are resin so hopefully they will not be super breakable. Especially since this will be our only Christmas with no children.
Merry Christmas to all. We love each of you, and we love this season.

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