Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reviewing Songs: Laundry

This last week we worked on reviewing all the songs that we've learned thus far this year. I told the kids that we were going to do the laundry, and that each peice of laundry has a song on it, and was we practice the song, its as though we're scrubbing the cloths more until they are clean and ready to be put on our clothes line.
I just made the clothes out of construction paper and wrote the name of the song on the back of the clothes. The children seemed to really enjoy pinning up the clothes and were able to understand the concept that we had to sing well to get the cloths clean enough to be done.
Who knew kids would be so happy doing laundry.


G-mom said...

very cute idea. BTW how is your rash??

Arizona Girl said...

The allergist has me on Zyrtec and a nasal spray and it's mostly under control, but haven't gone away. We hope to be able to go to the allergist for testing soon. Thanks for asking.