Monday, August 24, 2009

Every Burden is a Blessing

To start I have this "thing" about the fortunes in a fortune cookie. I'm not one to read my horoscopes. But I have had some strangely correct and foretelling fortunes from cookies. Because of this I always read the fortune in my cookie.
Two weird examples of correct cookies:
  1. Once on my mission it was transfer night, a member took us to a Chinese buffet. Although it was transfer night (get the call of who is going and coming), we didn't think we were being transferred because the area had just been opened. My cookie's fortune said be prepared for change change is coming your way, I though okay and stuffed it in my pocket. We got home from dinner and got our transfer calls, they were putting elders in and we were being sent to other areas. I had already forgot about the fortune, but the next day while packing I found it in my pocket and thought about how creepy that was.
  2. It was middle of snow and winter in Provo, UT while I was attending school at the Y. I was flying home for the weekend for some family things and was leaving after work to drive to the airport. I ran over to the Chinese place to grab some lunch, my fortune read "you are heading to the land of sunshine." It was in the mid 80's in Arizona, and everything was covered in snow in Utah. Weird
I opened the above fortune cookie this past week, some background. So this last week we watched the children of some friends of ours. They have 5 children + 1 ours= 6 children in our care. In many ways we were apprehensive about if we could handle that many children. Also, I don't regret having Baby Al, but having someone to take care of 24 hours a day has been a huge adjustment for my extremely independent personality, to the point I wonder do we really want a large family. Could we really be okay as parents of many children. Well the Lord has different ways of teaching you and directing you in various paths. We feel that he wanted us to accept the task of taking care of these children, it was a learning and growing experience for us. What did we learn? That we can do it, I can do it. I showed me that my days feel more fulfilled than most of my days with just Al. We do know how to raise children, we can lead a household with many children. And the best part- it wasn't anywhere near as bad as we dreamed it would be. This last week has been a looking into the possible life of our family in about 10 years, and yes its not that scary.

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