Monday, August 10, 2009

"The Family is of God" song

I know most of the primaries around the world learned this song back in January, if they were going to learn it. But in discussing the Primary Program we decided we wanted something different to open the program with, something not really know, but would be a strong opening. I had suggested previously that we could use "The Family is of God" for a special musical number, and at this point renewed my suggestion, and added we could teach the 1st verse to the whole primary. The presidency thought this was a great idea. So now we are going to open with "The Family is of God" before anything is even said.
This left me with two songs to teach this month, "Families can be Together Forever" and "The Family is of God". I had already started to teach "Families can be Together Forever" and the SR primary already had it down. So this past Sunday I started teaching to the SR primary "The Family is of God". I was surprised how many of the children already knew it (1-we gave them a CD with all the songs on it at the beginning of the year 2-we have a semi transit ward seeing how we are near an army training post). I agonized all week over how to teach it and after checking out some other blogs and also talked to my sister who is the chorister in her ward and they already learned this song. I was still not feeling anything. Saturday night I was getting ready for bed and I remembered that the Friend's web page has lots of coloring pictures of families. I went to the computer and was able to find some great pictures to teach the song. I wish there were more clip art picture and coloring pictures on the Friends site. There are already a good number, they are so helpful, especially if your stake is strict on ONLY using Church approved pictures. I just always wish there was more. I don't have old copies of the Friend and I don't want to cut up my current Friend.
picture 1-Our Father has a family, It's me, it's you, all others too: we are His children.
picture 2- He sent each one of us to earth, through birth, to live and learn here in families.
picture 3 (chorus)- God gave us families to help us become what He wants us to be-
picture 4 (chorus)- This is how He Shares his love, for the family is of God.
I quickly colored them and glued them to a background. To put them in my book later I typed out the words too. I was so grateful for the bit of inspiration that worked best for me.

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