Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aug Song and the continual quest for a reverent wiggle song

The Aug song is "Families Can Be Together Forever". I had each child draw a picture of their family and then hold it up when you sing the word "family" or "families". It worked well, especially for JR primary. They enjoyed holding up their picture and show it off. The only problem with this is that the 2nd verse doesn't contain the word "family" until you get to the chorus, and the 1st verse only has the word once. But they all hold their picture waiting for that word. The idea came from our Stake Primary music leader. Her suggestion was to have each child bring with them a picture of their family. Yes this would be better in that it would not take any time away from Singing Time, but I don't want to be only the phone all day on Saturday trying to remind them to bring their picture, and what if they forget or their family doesn't have a current picture. Also I really really dislike (wanted to use hate but I guess I don't hate) making phone calls, and our primary is HUGE, making phone calls to all those families would not be fun. Also growing up I never got the feeling my parents were too happy to have to remember to bring stuff for us, I don't want any parent to feel overwhelmed with it. This way no has to remember anything but me.
In the ever continual quest to find a reverent song that is good for the wiggles and yet calming rather than riling them up, today we did 'Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" But instead of doing the song faster each time (which I'm being to hate because the children are so rowdy after the song is over), this time we sang the song slower and softer each subsequent time until we only moved our lips and were moving in almost slow motion. Then I had the children sit back down on their seat and be quite and reverent. And guess what-they were. Yeah for a good wiggle and quite song.


Melissa said...

Good Idea with Head, shoulders, knees, toes. :) We sometimes do My Hands for the last song because it wiggles and ends with hands folded. :)

Scooterdoodah said...

Here is a twist on Head Shoulders...

I do, "Hands, tummy, teeth, and feet with the last line being "turn around and take a seat!"

We usually do the last version a little slower, and NO words. Just actions. That seems to help.