Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rainy Days Thank-You Monsoons.

Monsoon storm clouds covering the mountain in our backyard.
Monsoon season is probably my favorite time of year. Sure I love Christmas, who doesn't, its so.... Christmas-ee. And I love Halloween, when else can I ware whatever and it doesn't matter. But I love rain. I love storm clouds, I love overcast days, I love fog. I love how fast the weather changes. since I live in Arizona we don't get a whole lot of those, except during the monsoon season. Maybe I love them so much because they are so few... I don't know.
The mountains on a normal Arizona day.
The other night (Wends) the clouds rolled in and around bed time, it began to rain really hard. We have a baby monitor in Baby Al's room and every time I awoke to listen for Al I heard rain- all night long. When I got up on Thursday morning it was still raining. It continued to rain almost all day and then cleared up around 5:30ish pm. I have had a rainy day like that in years. A really cool part of the storm was the clouds hovering around the mountains in our backyard. At times I couldn't even see the mountains.
I think a big reason I love the rain, is the desert is so beautiful after the rain. It makes the other 362 days a year worth it.

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