Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reviewing Songs: Dice

To review this week I made a dice. I wanted it to be larger and more eye catching than a normal white game dice (which is another thing that is often found in a ward library). But if all you have is a normal dice, go for it, there is nothing wrong with it and that was what I was going to do anyway.
I got an extra large peice of construction paper from the library, measured out the squares (3.5 inches), colored a picture with 1-6 things on each side, cut it out, and then glued/taped it together. At some point I plan to remake it, something more sturdy. My husband suggested that I sew it and stuff it so the dice is a large square pillow of 6 sides. Its not a bad idea and if I ever get around to doing it I will post it on my blog with directions on how to make one yourself.
I assigned each song a number, picking the 6 songs I felt the children needed to work on the most. When I started I explained to the children the idea of the dice and wrote on the board the songs with their assigned number (I called it our Key).
  1. I Lived in Heaven
  2. How Firm a Foundation
  3. My Eternal Family
  4. My Redeemer Lives
  5. Seek the Lord Early
  6. The Family is of God
Each time the number was rolled we sang the song. We ended up singing "How Firm a Foundations" three times. Granted the 3rd time we only sang the 3rd verse and we sang I lived in Heaven twice, all the other songs once. We did sing each song more than once on a roll. If they didn't sing the whole song well, we'd review the part that was less than quality. This can be used over and over again, rearranging and assigning new songs to each number.
Did this last Sunday with JR for the first time, and then for the 2nd with SR primary. We changed the order around and I put some paper towels into the dice to make it roll better. The JR primary really enjoyed it, and when I told SR primary that we were using the dice again- they cheered.

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