Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day with Grandma

I work twice a month by driving to Bisbee for the morning. Once there I preform swabbing for court ordered paternity tests. Not a huge deal-its just something to put on my resume to show I was still working, something sort of kind of related (at least on paper) to my degree.When I go my mother-in-law tries to arrange her scheduled time off work to watch Baby Al. We have a cat-Shiva. She is wary of Baby Al, ever since my nephew and his chasing and calling out "kitty", she has been skidish of little humans. But of late she'll go near him and even let him touch her. Amazingly my in-laws to cats are doing the same, granted with a little more supervision, but they also don't spend time around him everyday.
Grandma loves to take pictures. She takes lots of Baby Al and uses their time together as an opportunity to take more pictures. The last time I worked she took some great ones. This is in thanks to her 2 cats (Tom and Candy). Baby Al was so happy to see the cats and that happiness showed up so well on the "film".


Jcjohns said...

So cute!!! Just wait til he can saw cat and stuff!! Rowan just learned to say cat and meow!! Its so much fun!!

Joan Sowards said...

What a cute baby! Oh my goodness. Your mother-in-law is a great photographer.