Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time to start singing Christmas. We've already been practicing "Far Far Away". Last year we learned the sing language to the chorus, and this year the children will be preforming it at the ward Christmas party. But besides the one song we sang as part of our activity this week, I've been putting off just singing Christmas songs.
This idea was really simple, it is actually for a sub because my brother is giving his farewell talk next Sunday and I really want to be there. I got the pictures off the church website. Its under the topic Christmas. I colored and then cut out each of the figures. I pasted the stable together (just 4 uneven strips made like a house) and some yellow construction paper to the back of the star (it was a little too small). I then wrote names of Church Christmas songs on the back of each picture. Again really simple. You use an actually nativity set, and I may do that later. This was just easier so that the sister who is the sub won't have to remember to return the pictures to me. I can always print, color, cut all over again.

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