Friday, November 6, 2009

It's Autumntime CSB pg 246

It's Autumntime-- Children's Songbook p246

It's autumn-time. It's autumn-time. The leaves are falling down.
It's autumn-time. It's autumn-time. It's all around the town.
It's autumn-time. It's autumn-time. There's yellow, red, and brown.
It's autumn-time. It's autumn-time. Bright colors can be found.

I made autumn colored leaves (yellow, red, brown, and orange-I guess it just wouldn't fit into the song) out of construction paper. I free handed most of mine, some I traced what I thought would look good on to the paper and then cut it out. I found that the easiest was to do them symetrical (eventhough a lot of leaves are not, so if your's aren't symetrical don't worry) you could even have the children cut out their own leaves if you want. I could get 4 leaves out of one normal size construction paper. I found that there were 3 different leave varieties that I made.
  1. Basic round with a point. Either with no ridges or snip a few out before opening it.
  2. Lots of edges, loop in and out to the top. Remember there are lots of different leaves and they don't need to be perfect.
  3. This one I traced out before cutting. Curves at bottom, middle and to the top. Sort of like a maple leaf.
    I made an extra large leaf for myself, it was really uneven.
Now while you sing: the song have each child start with their leaf as tall as they can be (without being on the chairs). As you sing the song, have the leaf float gently, glide, fall, dancing, down to the ground. The idea is to not have the leaf reach the ground before the song is over, not a moment after either, to time it perfect. I wish I had a camcorder last Sunday when we did it. The children were getting so into it. We spend over half of the time doing it. I know we don't have much of a Autumn, here is Arizona, we don't really have snow either, but we can still enjoy the songs.

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