Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bye Bye Calling

Its no surprise that they've decided to release me- I'm expecting twins and my husband is deployed. They were worried I had too much, or am about to have too much on my plate. Both the bishopric and the current Primary President has has me to stay around and help the new chorister get up to speed with our plans for the program and feel a bit more comfortable with her calling.
I'm a bit disappointed that I was released. I had worked everything out in preparation for these babies and had made arrangements afterwards. I had it all figured out. I won't have much of a role in the primary. I'll post anything I do have.
Good luck to all ya Primary Choristers. 


Kathleen said...

Well, good luck, Arizona Girl with whatever comes along for you. I hope with twins that they give you a bit of time to get used to that! I'll just have to keep peeking in now and then.

Amy said...

It always seems to happen that way with callings... (especially when you love them) Maybe you've learned everything the Lord wants you to learn from this one for now. I have to say that I love all your posts, especially the fabulous visual aids!

Carroll Family said...

Good luck with those babies and thanks for all the ideas!!!

Quiltgirl said...

Have you read The Giver, by Lois Lowry? It gives a whole new meaning to being "released." That's exactly how I felt when I was released after 6 years of primary choristerhood. Luckily, here I am again after another 6 years doing other less than perfect callings, preparing for our upcoming program (I'm the chorister again. yay!).
Congrats on your twins. So glad it all worked out. Two of my brothers have twins, so we love moms of twins!!