Sunday, June 12, 2011

Teaching: My Country 'tis of Thee

Our ward's 4th of July pancake breakfast consists of a program before breakfast. Every year the primary children's part of it feels like a disaster for me. I already blogged about that so I'm moving on.
We are suppose to preform two songs: "My Flag, My Flag" and "My Country 'tis of Thee". I made new visuals using coloring pages off the internet and Photoshop for "My Flag, My Flag" and if you want to download them, you click on each one and save as to your own computer.
This morning I decided that I better make new visuals for "My Country 'tis of Thee" because I can't find my old visuals I used last year. Since I put in the effort I thought I share them with you too. None of the photos are church copyright approved so on pictures. They are all just from the internet. I do my pages in black and white so they cost less to print, you can color them yourself, and my printer is on the fritz when it comes to color. Hope these help someone. Thanks for stopping by.


J & M Shumate Family said...

I tried to print the pics but they wouldn't work. Could you email them to me at ? I love your ideas! I found you signing "I feel My Savior's Love" on you tube and taught it to the Primary kids last week. You are awesome!!! Thanks for your blog.

Aaron+Rebecca said...

I love your visuals for this song. You saved me! Any chance you want to do the last verse ("Our Fathers God to Thee...")?? I love how the first verse sings to the country and the last to God.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your work. I think it is so wonderful when we can all share and not have to reinvent the wheel all the time in order to find good teaching materials. Thanks again. Super cute and I actually like that they are black and white and I can color them myself or let my kids do it while we learn the song!! I never thought of doing that and now I am super excited to try it. (I am using to teach my homeschool children).