Tuesday, June 28, 2011

D-Backs Game

I love baseball. I love College football more, but I do love to watch baseball. My husband's first love in sports in baseball and college football second. So we're a good match in that respect. My team is the Arizona Diamondbacks. My husband's team is the Chicago White Sox. He lived in the Chicago area as a pre-teen for a few years and became attached to them as his team. Its not a big deal. He will cheer for the D-Backs whenever  they aren't playing the White Sox and I'll even cheer for the White Sox when they aren't playing the D-Backs. When do they ever play each other? Good question. Mostly only in spring training. One is a National League team the other an American League team. But on a rare occasion they will have an inter-league game during a season. This year was one of those rare blue moon occasions. We had seen it on the schedule. Arranged for that family to go with my in-laws. Then my husband was offered the job that sent him to the Middle East. My in-laws and I decided to still make this our seasonal game. My husband would have been happy the White Sox won the game. I lost in two ways. Not only did my team not win, but my toddler, who last year did so well at the game, just lost it right before the 7th inning stretch. So we went home early (although after seeing the final score, I don't feel as bad). Another reason it was bad, was all the walking and sitting without being able to put my feet up made me swell so bad. I was still swollen at church the next morning. I did enjoy myself. But seeing all the food I couldn't eat- gestational diabetes, was really torturous. There are so many things available (everywhere even the ball park) that caters to gluten in-tolerances (wheat allergies), but nothing for diabetics. Aren't there more diabetics in this country than wheat allergies? Oh wait we treat most diabetics with insulin shots and those of us that are dealing with it by diet only are just out of luck. Back to the game, I don't regret going. I did enjoy myself, I would do it again.
I made this design for a shirt for Al to ware to the game. I was so proud of it. But because of the mail not being delivered because of the post office being closed, because of the wildfire, it wasn't delivered in time for us to ware it to the game. Rushing to get it together I bought a t-shirt at Walmart and some iron on paper and printed and ironed. It didn't even last the game. Sure enough the wonderful looking original was in the mail box when we were allowed back home.

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