Sunday, June 5, 2011

Teaching: My Flag, My Flag

Our Ward's annual Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast always features the primary children singing a few Patriotic songs. Finding the time to teach them, not to mention wondering who is going to be there that holiday morning is stressful. Last year the Senior primary learned the songs really well, Junior not so much. But the JR kids get to hold the flags and look cute so I wasn't too worried. Except that morning the only children there on time (because we were first) was families with only JR primary children, I had ONE SR primary child. GRRR, its one part of my calling I wish I could ignore.
Any last year I created hand draw really badly done visuals for My Flag, My Flag. This year I decided to make something using Photoshop that I wouldn't feel stupid for passing on to the next chorister, and I could use next year if they don't release me.
Since I went to all the effort I thought I'd share them with all ya'll.
Most of the pictures I downloaded off the site color me good - a free site for downloading coloring pages. I wanted to make sure I gave their site credit, and let you know these are not from the church.

I you need to do some patriotic songs I hope these help you. Thanks for stopping by.

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De said...

Thank so much I wanted to teach this song to my primary! Your Flip Chart will make it so much easier. Thanks for sharing.