Sunday, August 9, 2009

Monthly Trip to Phoenix

We went this last weekend for our monthly trip. I think half our ward did too, partly because it was the youth baptism trip, but there where a good number of us there who didn't have anything to do with the youth. Everyone who saw us asked "Where's your baby?" Well obvoiously not in the temple since he doesn't have a recommend. "My mother of course." Since she lives only 10 minutes away. Growing up so close to a temple and now living so far (I know its isn't that far, only 3 hours) is a big change for me. I use to get off work and run over to the temple. While my husband and I were engaged we'd go to the temple together once a week.
Gila Valley Temple sketch picture
I am looking forward to the temple that is being build in the Gila
Valley. But I'm having trouble getting excited over it. Afterall its only 1 hour closer and there is nothing there.
Brother Ted
At least if we drive the extra hour to the Mesa Temple we have my family for babysitting, entertainment, a free place to stay and eat, and anywhere I want to shop within 30 minutes to us.
Brother Von
Going up for the weekend (overnight) always feels SO SHORT, yet it is so worth it to see my family.

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Unknown said...

See for me the Gila temple is really exciting because my parents live right there and we go over there all the time. We try not to go to Phoenix that often.