Saturday, September 18, 2010

General Conference Prep Singing Time

I came up with a great idea for Singing time to prepare the children for General Conference. (This alternative could be done the Sunday after, but you'll have to do your own prep work). This is perfect for us because it will be our primary program and so this will be something totally different for them from practicing for the program.

How will it work?
Have 3 columns. One for pictures of the Quorum of the Twelve and First Presidency.  Second for topic that talks were given on. And Third Primary Songs.

Since I couldn't even remember which topic was talked on by which apostle, I don't suggest trying to get the children to remember. Instead I suggest taping the three pages together that will go together and then cutting them apart into the three sections on on the tape so they are like puzzle pieces. When the child matches the talk to the apostle it will fit to the apostle like a puzzle, same with the song to the talk.

I have made up .jpgs of the apostles with their names under their pictures. But it will be up to you to take a sheet of paper and write the topics and then another with the songs (it could be done as only two puzzle pieces if you are trying to save time and paper. For the songs I first went though and tried to match the songs from the program with topics then filled in where I could with other primary songs. You can use any songs that you think your Primary children will connect with.  The topics I have next to their names are the topics of their talks at the April 2010 General Conference. 
I hope these files work for each of you.
          name (not in order)topicsong suggestions

  • Pres Monson -He is Risen-"He Sent His Son"
  • Pres Eyring -Missionary work - "I Am a Child of God"
  • Pres Uchtdorf -Patience- "Reverently Quietly", "Keep the Commandments", "Love One Another"
  • Pres Packer -Priesthood & families- "Families Can be Together Forever", "Love is Spoken Here"
  • Elder Perry -Women in the Church-  "The Church of Jesus Christ"
  • Elder Bednar - Be Prepared- "Saturday" p196, "I Hope They call Me on a Mission" 
  • Elder Holland -Pure Hearts- "4th Art. of Faith", "When I Am Baptized"
  • Elder Oaks -Priesthood -"The Holy Ghost"
  • Elder Scott -Christ Lives- "I Feel My Savior's Love", "Beautiful Savior"
  • Elder Cook -Follow Christ- "Come Follow Me"
  • Elder Christofferson -Scriptures- "Follow the Prophet"
  • Elder Ballard -Motherhood- "Happy Family", "Love is Spoken Here", "Family is of God"
  • Elder Hales -Teach the Children- "I Know That My Savior Loves Me", "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus"
  • Elder Anderson - Faith- "I Lived in Heaven", "I Feel My Savior's Love", "4th Art of Faith", "I Know My Father Lives"
  • Elder Nelson -Family History- "I Love to See the Temple"
My goal in this is to help the children recognize that the songs we sing teach us the same lessons that the Prophets today are teaching us, because everyone, of all ages need to learn them. Also to help them get to know the Apostles a little better. 


Kathleen said...

I like this idea! I have to put it off because I'm still teaching and reviewing program songs of all things! (I was handed a whole list of additional songs at the last minute--six of which the kids didn't know!) But, I love the idea and will use it as soon as I can fit it in! Maybe in April or for the next "follow the prophet" theme that comes up. Thanks!

Amber Omer said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! I love the connection in the end, how the messages of the primary songs teach us what they teach us in conference.

Thanks again!