Thursday, January 3, 2013

December 1st week

Went to my friend's daughter's bday party. It was the first bday party. The last bday party we were invited to all the other parents dropped off their kids and then came back to pick them up, everyone but us. But the mom said she was glad I had stayed because having another adult around was a blessing. This time I was glad that the other parents all stayed, but not only that but it was a whole family affair. Also I was glad I had dressed up a little. All the other mothers looked like they were about to go on fancy dates out with their husband for the evening and it was a Saturday morning at 9am.
Everyone had a great time and I managed to control myself and not pig out, even with pizza and cake in the offing. 
I hosted my first Cookie Exchange. I really want to do this every year.
How I did it was everyone was to bring 10-20 cookies to share and the recipe. Everyone got to try everyone else's and then they have the recipe for making them in the future. I have been to exchanges were everyone brings a dozen cookies for each person coming (or something like 8 dozen) then you bring your cookies home and you are eating them forever and who is the one that gains all the weight from all those cookies sitting around your house- you do. So I didn't want everyone to feel like they had a ton of cookies when they left. Everyone did get to take some home, but only a small variety plate with the idea they could share them with their families.
I had a nice show of people about 7 ladies came and we have a fantastic array of different cookies.
this is the recipe card I made for the cookies I shared. The recipe I made if from says that you'll only get about 70 cookies. We got 120 from this recipe so taking in account the change for the number of Andies Mints you'll use each cookie came out to about 55 calories. Nice! It was also nice because I had the cookie dough in my fridge and any time I need to take some cookies somewhere I'd scoop out 20 balls, bake, cool and take. It made the Christmas season more relaxing. Plus any time I took cookies I knew there was at least one treat there I could eat a few of and not blow my diet.
They are so tasty too.
We also had a fun time playing at the park with some friends. I snapped these before our friends arrived. My children are becoming such hams for the camera. It is an instant way to get them to smile.
Merry Christmas

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