Monday, January 28, 2013

I Hope they call my Parents on a mission....

My parents put in their papers to serve an 18 month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We are very proud of them and happy for their choice to serve the LORD. They made the choice not long after General Conference back in October. They didn't tell us for a little while that they were preparing to do so. And they put their papers in hoping to have their call by Christmas. But it didn't come in time for Christmas. Instead it came 1/11. We went up to Mesa for a super quick trip to be there for it and support them.
they received their call to Thailand. It is where my dad served his mission as a young adult and where they wanted to go and have always felt that they belonged serving their mission there.
We are proud of their choice. I know it can't be easy. They currently have five grandbabies that will be hard to leave and one that is on the say that will be over a year when they get home. Also they have three grown sons that we are all hopeful will get married, coming home for those weddings if they happen while my parents are gone will not be financially possible for my parents and they will have to celebrate from afar. Missions never come at convenient times.  I learned this as a JR missionary when I served as a young adult. I was in college and felt strongly that I was to serve a mission. It was a very hard choice for me. But I knew I would be blessed if I followed the promptings and served. I know our family will be blessed for their service. Already we have seen blessings, like the absolute best job we could have hoped for being dropped into my husband's lap at the most opportune moment. We are already being blessed.

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