Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To see Snow

Since snow isn't something that normally falls in Arizona (although once a year where we live it gets a dusting of snow that sticks long enough to say it snowed). So when we want to show our children snow we have to drive up to the mountains and make a day outing of it.
We were able to find just enough up the canyon to play a little with.
The girls had been running low grade fevers and since we didn't know if it was teething or they were sick we decided to have them stay in the car.
Al tried to throw snow balls and make a snow angel. He wanted to build a snowman and we had to explain we'd need A LOT more snow in order to do that.
On the way back to the car, Al biffed it hard and got pebbles embedded in his forehead. We had to dig out the pebbles like it was a sliver. He was very brave. Afterwards we rewarded his courage by getting Cold Stone- he picked. 

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