Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Meeting Santa

Santa rode in on a helicopter and all the children stood in amazement. That was the plan and that was what we were told happened, but we were running late out the door (Saturday mornings are harsh for us to get out the door). By the time we got there Santa had landed and a line to meet him was forming. Luckily our children didn't know the difference and was thrilled to death to just see and then get to sit inside the helicopter. (they were the hospital ones). We had hot cocoa while we waited in line to meet Santa and Mrs Clause. And while waiting we also met a little girl who was born the exact same day as our twins, but at the local hospital. Granted our girls are older they were born at 1am and this little's grandma said it was after 9am.
Al was so thrilled to meet Santa that he didn't say a word. He was just thrilled to be there. The girls handled Santa fine, they didn't cry, although they did give him some funny looks like they didn't know what to think of him. But I think the fact that Al was obviously excited to be there told the girls this wasn't suppose to be a scary person.
That evening we went to the Christmas light parade. Great day, very tired children.

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