Friday, January 11, 2013

Our december the 24 (and 25)

We got up and drove home from Mesa. 
then that evening we went to my husband's family for Christmas Eve dinner and enjoying each other's company. At first we thought we'd play waiting there for my husband's brother to arrive in town so the kids could see their Uncle but by 6pm our children were exhausted and needed to go to bed.
We put them to bed and tried to get things done before we went to bed. 
Santa came. The girls got Disney Princess baby dolls and then from their grandparents and Aunt all sorts of toys and clothes- they are so spoiled and loved.
Al got a PoinGo. We didn't realize that you needed to pre-download the stories on the pen so a week after Christmas he still hasn't got to play with his Santa toy, but he doesn't need it. He was given all sorts of awesome toys that he is in heaven playing. He is spoiled and loved too.

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